Over four months we built a completely new product for Larium, a financial AI platform which collects real-time data from multiple sources.

Many analysts, traders, bankers, etc. have a hard time keeping track of the latest information. They are limited with time, screen space, and there is a lot of irrelevant information on the internet.

At Larium, we provide a customizable platform to ease the process of keeping track of news, social media, stocks and understanding market trends in real-time data.

Case study coming soon. In the meantime 鈥 here鈥檚 a sample of the work for Larium 馃憞

My contribution

Product strategy User research Product design

The team

1 脳 product manager 1 脳 product designer 3 脳 engineers





After many iterations and releases we ended up at a well-performing platform. The platform was gathering valuable data, and helping our 50 users from institutional banks and hedge funds make data driven decisions about the stock market.

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