Lyla Sapir Davis
Product designer

I'm a Product Designer with over three years of experience in enterprise, fintech, and insurance products. I excel in creating user-centered solutions and improving design systems.

I'm passionate about collaborating with cross-functional teams and continuously improving design practices. My goal is to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver impactful, user-centric solutions.


I’m Lyla, a product designer, committed to crafting designs that ensure users have the best experiences.

Open to global opportunities.

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I am an experienced product designer with a background in fintech, insurtech, consumer electronics, and non-profit projects.

Currently, I work at Earnix on real-time AI-driven rating engines, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and analytical underwriting solutions for the insurance and banking sectors. My role involves collaborating with developers and product managers to create impactful solutions.

At a previous fintech startup, I designed a financial AI trading platform for traders, analysts, and bankers.

My design journey began at Samsung Israel R&D Center, where I transitioned from a quality engineer to designing tools for testing CMOS image sensors, igniting my passion for user experience and technical excellence.

I’ve worked across various sectors, contributing to early-stage startups and large corporations like Samsung. I'm passionate about creating user-centric solutions and continuously evolving with the industry.



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Design experiences, courses, and projects have shaped me into understanding how to build creative solutions to achieve business goals. Approaching each project with a strong focus in UX/UI produces work that is efficient, creative and gives the optimal user experience.

Open to global opportunities.