Lyla Sapir Davis
Product designer

Product designer from Miami, currently based in Tel Aviv. With a passion for problem solving and creating meaningful user experiences through research, iteration, and visually pleasing UI.

With a background in quality assurance engineering and 2.5 years of experience designing both desktop and mobile apps for various business types. Most recently at a SAAS fin-tech startup designing features for an extensive financial artificial intelligence platform.



I’m Lyla — a product designer with 2.5 years of experience. I care a lot about using design for a positive impact. Currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I've been working at a SAAS fin-tech startup where we developed a financial artificial intelligence platform which collects real-time data from multiple sources and is used by traders, analysts and bankers. I was the 1st designer, I played a big part in scaling the product team and processes.

Before that, I worked for Samsung Israel R&D Center — developing breakthrough technologies used by billions of people and companies around the world. I gained technical and quality assurance skills and my passion for user experience was developed through existing issues at Samsung. I designed tools and interfaces to test the quality of products within our functional team.

Over the years I’ve worked across non-profit, design tooling, finance, and retail projects. From early-stage startups, to large corporations like Samsung. I’ve worked on really great projects!


SAAS fin-tech startup

Product Designer

May 2022–today

Samsung R&D SIRC

Product Designer

October 2021–May 2022


Product designer

September 2021–present


End-to-end product design

Interface design

User experience design

Product strategy

Systems thinking



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Design courses and projects have shaped me into understanding how to build creative solutions to achieve business goals. Approaching each project with a strong focus in UX/UI produces work that is efficient, creative and gives the optimal user experience.

Currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.